Outstandings Works

Corporate Buildings

Barugel Azulay
Barugel Azulay

Construction of offices and store.

Óptima Business Park
Óptima Business Park

The concrete structure, masonry, foundations and additional sanitary installations for a 40,000m² office building were built.

Edificio Intecons
Intecons Building

The construction of the concrete structure, masonry, installations, for the 35,000m² office building was carried out.

Torre Consultatio (BBVA)
BBVA Bank Consultatio Tower

The demolition, soil movement, reinforced concrete, construction of enclosures, cisterns and tanks were carried out. Masonry and carpentry.

SC Johnson - Proyecto Tango
SC Johnson

All the work for the 10,169.84 covered m² was carried out, while the remaining 1,744.83 m² correspond to semi-covered sectors and the central courtyard.

Banco Galicia Green Tower
Galicia Green Tower Bank

All the work was carried out. Construction of reinforced concrete structure, masonry, insulation, carpentry, finishing, sanitary installations and fire system.

Torre Banco Macro
Macro Bank Tower

The demolition, soil movement, and groundwater depression system were carried out. Afterwards, the new reinforced concrete structures, cisterns, enclosures and tanks were built.

Coca Cola New Building
Coca Cola New Building

The excavation, intramurals, concrete work and masonry were carried out. The building achieved the LEED platinum certification.